Efficient and Stylish 7 Marla Home Design: Space Planning, Functionality, Cost, and Maintenance

7 Marla Home Design – How to Design a 7 Marla Home That Suits Your Lifestyle

If you’re building a home on a 7 marla plot, you’ll want to incorporate efficient space planning and functional features. These design principles will help you achieve a stylish and affordable home that suits your lifestyle.

This 7 marla home design has a spacious garage, a drawing room, and two bedrooms. The ground floor also includes a storage area and a bathroom.

Space Planning

A 7 marla house design is a great choice for middle-class families. This size offers ample space for a comfortable living experience, and it can be designed to reflect your unique lifestyle preferences. The house plan will need to be carefully planned in order to maximize its use of space.

Adding functional features to your home can enhance its practicality and efficiency. These include things like built-in storage, energy-efficient appliances, and a smart layout. These factors can also help you reduce the overall cost of your project.

The ground floor of this 7 marla house design begins with a spacy garage, followed by a small front lawn and a TV lounge. The TV lounge is not walled and can be customized according to the residents’ needs. Next comes two bedrooms, one with an attached bathroom and the other with a shared terrace. The staircase is located right beside the lounge area. The first floor also has a storage room.


Whether you’re a growing family or an individual seeking a cozy living space, a 7 marla home design provides ample room for your needs and aspirations. Efficient space planning, well-designed bedrooms and bathrooms, and a functional kitchen help create a comfortable home environment. Integrating smart home technology can also increase your home’s functionality and comfort.

The front elevation of this home features a travertine wall mass that is framed with rock walls and paired with light wood louvers for a balanced look. This combination makes the elevation of this home visually appealing and elegant.

The first floor of this house plan includes a master bedroom and a lounge. The lounge is not walled and can be used as per the resident’s liking. This floor has a storage room as well. In addition, there is a terrace located outside the lounge area. It can be used for outdoor entertainment or relaxation. Moreover, the ground floor has a garage and a small front lawn.


Whether you’re building your dream home or just upgrading your current residence, the cost of construction is an important consideration. Costs can increase quickly due to rising inflation and fluctuating construction material prices. To minimize costs, focus on essential needs and budget for quality materials.

This 7 marla home design features two floors and includes a garage, dining room, living room, kitchen, and storage area. It also has a terrace and an attached bathroom. The ground floor also has a spacious entrance and drawing room.

The first floor of this 7 marla house design includes three rooms, one of which is a master bedroom with an attached bath. It also has a lounge, which is not walled and can be customized by the residents to fit their tastes. It also has a storage space and a staircase lobby. The second floor of the house features another two bedrooms with attached bathrooms. A balcony and a storage room are included on the first floor as well.


Incorporating functional features into your home design is essential to enhance practicality and efficiency. These features can include built-in storage solutions, floor-to-ceiling closets, and customized furniture. Moreover, they can be a great way to reduce clutter and maximize space.

A well-designed home office can boost productivity by allowing you to work in an environment that promotes focus and privacy. Incorporate ergonomic furniture and adequate lighting to ensure optimal comfort for your needs. Additionally, use a surge protector to safeguard electronic devices from power spikes.

A well-maintained 7 marla house can preserve its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. Proper maintenance requires regular cleaning and upkeep to keep your home clean and comfortable. In addition to routine cleaning, implement preventative measures, such as installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. This will help you minimize risks and prevent expensive repairs.

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Choosing the Perfect Home Design for Your 40×40 Lot

Choosing the Right Home Design for Your 40×40 Lot

Choosing the best 30×40 house plan for your property can be challenging. It’s important to consider your budget, design preferences, and advice from experts. This information will help you find the perfect plan for your needs.

According to Vastu principles, a house that faces east is considered fortunate and brings wealth and success. The eastern side of the house has a puja room to supply occupants with positive energy.

Split-level plan

A split-level plan is an ideal home design for families with children. The plan combines an open layout with separate living areas to provide ample privacy. These houses also provide ample natural light and spacious rooms. They are also more affordable than their ranch-style counterparts and work well on sloping lots.

These homes are often characterized by short sets of stairs connecting various levels. They began as a variation of the ranch and often maintain its shallow pitched roof and architectural style. The front door of a split-level house opens to a landing or floor containing the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The top level typically contains bedrooms and bathrooms.

Although many people may shun this unique layout, it has its benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that it makes navigating between different floors easier. This can be especially helpful when bringing in groceries from the car or watching TV from the basement. It can even save time and effort when cooking dinner.

Duplex plan

A Duplex plan is an excellent option for building a new home on a small lot. This layout allows you to keep your family close while maintaining privacy and space. It also helps you save on maintenance costs. It is important to choose a plan that matches your budget and design preferences. If you’re having trouble choosing a plan, it may be helpful to consult a professional.

Duplex plans can be arranged in many different ways. They can be side by side, stacked, or built on two stories. The type of structure you build depends on the size and slope of your lot, as well as city planning codes.

Another factor is whether you want a party wall. This decision will impact the number of walls you need to construct, as well as how much money you’ll spend on fire separation between units. Generally, if your unit is in a side by side configuration, you’ll need at least one 1-hour fire wall.

East-facing plan

An east-facing plan is a good choice for those who want to make the most of their natural surroundings and ensure that their home will be energy-efficient. This type of house plan can be either single or double-storey and features bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces. It can also include a home theatre or home office.

An East-facing house is believed to bring prosperity, wealth, health, and happiness to its occupants. According to Vastu shastra, this type of house is ideal for Ministers, Travelers, Business Owners, Artists, Dancers, and Musicians. It is important to note that this type of house should have a puja room at the front.

Another advantage of an east-facing house is that it provides ample sunlight and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling. This 30 x 40 house plan is also equipped with a sunroom, providing additional space for outdoor activities and entertaining guests. Moreover, the first floor has a guest room and attached toilet.

Energy-efficient plan

There are many different house plans available to suit your personal tastes. From open-concept designs to cosy artisan-style houses, there’s something for everyone. The 30×40 plot size allows you to construct beautiful homes that are both functional and visually appealing. However, choosing the right plan requires careful consideration of design elements, budgeting, and professional advice.

Whether you want to create a bungalow, cottage, or cabin, a 30×40 home plan offers plenty of flexibility. Its smaller size makes it easy to get a mortgage and limits the amount of materials needed for construction, saving you money in the long run. These plans also offer a lot of design flexibility, making them the ideal choice for any family size. This east-facing plan is a good choice for those who follow vaastu, as it brings prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness to the home. This duplex house plan features a puja room and spacious living areas. Its first floor also includes a storeroom and kitchen platform.

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Building a Budget-Friendly Home Design: Tips and Ideas

How to Build a Home Design Under 10 Lakhs

Owning a house is one of the biggest dreams nurtured by people as soon as they start earning. Most people believe that building a comfortable home requires an enormous amount of money.

To get the look of a luxe home within your budget, focus on the colour scheme of furniture and walls. Using contrasting colours helps you achieve a balanced look, like in this duplex.

L-shaped house

The L-shaped house design is an excellent choice for integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether through large windows or sliding doors, this design allows you to create a seamless connection between the inside and outside of your home. It also maximises natural light and allows for airflow in areas that require it most.

L-shaped house plans often feature a courtyard or patio area that is protected from street and neighboring homes. These spaces provide privacy and can be used for a pool, outdoor dining, or entertainment area. Depending on your property’s size and orientation, you can even add a garden or vegetable patch.

The design of an L-shaped house is versatile and works with almost any architectural style. This cozy and rustic home features two bedrooms and full baths on the right side of the house and a kitchen that extends towards the left. The layout helps you to maximize your sq ft while creating a functional and comfortable living space.

One-story house

One-story homes are simplest to design and less expensive to build than two-story houses. They’re also easier to structurally engineer and can be built with prefabricated components. They also allow for high ceilings and skylights. Additionally, they’re a great choice for families with small children or elderly parents who may have trouble with stairs.

They’re also safer in an emergency. Without stairs to navigate, family members will be able to escape more quickly. They’re also a better option if you live in an earthquake zone.

On the downside, one-story homes offer less privacy than two-story models. If you live on a busy street, passersby can easily see into your home. They’re also more vulnerable to burglars and pranksters. You’ll also lose some outdoor space with one-story buildings, which require more space for hallways and stairs. One-story homes also need to have more space for plumbing and heating/AC systems, which are usually run along the length of a building.

Elevated house

If your home is situated in a flood-prone area, you may want to consider building it on an elevated site. This will help protect your house from waterlogging and give you a better view of the surroundings. However, you will need to pay extra for constructing the retaining walls and other infrastructure to support the house.

A quaint low budget single-floor house design built on an elevated space can be a perfect choice for your family. This house plan includes a sit-out, living cum dining hall, kitchen, and two bedrooms, all at a price that won’t strain your budget.

Another advantage of this type of construction is that it requires less cement and sand than a conventional house. The gypsum plastering also helps maintain a cooler atmosphere inside the house. Many homeowners also use this technique to create an attic, which is a great way to add extra storage space to their homes. This is a popular feature in Western countries and it’s gaining popularity in India as well.

Box and strip house

If you don’t have enough money to invest in an elaborate framework and traditional house construction, consider using a box and strip house design for your low-cost home. This type of construction utilizes standard-size wooden blocks instead of frames, cement, and other traditional materials. The wooden blocks are nailed together to create the framework and a roof is swiftly installed on top. It’s a good option if you want to save on building costs while still having an elegant house.

To make your budget 10 lakh house design look more attractive, add textured walls and bold decor pieces to your interiors. Also, replace huge shelves with tier hangings to save space. Use light colors for walls to create a more spacious feel.

You can even develop open outdoor patios in your low-cost solitary flooring residence layout. You can put furnishings there to appreciate the evenings getting fresh air or utilize it for drying your clothes throughout rainy periods.

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